What Happens If It Rains?

10 May 2021

So you’ve been looking forward to “Shoot Day” for weeks. Secretly crossing everything so that it doesn’t rain when low and behold you open the curtains that morning and BAM – it’s wet and miserable outside!

“OMG this is going to be horrendous” I hear you say, “that’s it the kids are all going to be miserable”. Well, that may not be the case!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from a. having a child and b. photographing lots of children it’s this: KIDS LOVE GETTING WET IN PUDDLES (at least for a short time!)

If it’s a seriously torrential rainy day with gale force winds (you know the type we do see a fair bit in Cornwall) then being outdoors trying to have fun is going to be very difficult. If that happens then I get in touch with my clients and we rearrange the shoot for another date: SIMPLES.

However, if it’s showery one minute and sunny the next or just a bit of mizzle (miserable drizzle) then I say let’s go ahead! Dramatic or misty skies are a stunning backdrop and rain macs and brollies can actually make for some fun props. If your shoot is in woodlands the canopy of the trees above will protect us from the worst. And after all – we won’t be staying in the same place for long – there’s an adventure to be had!

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