Alternative School Portaits @ King Charles School’s Summer Fayre | Raising Funds For The PTA!

13 June 2022

Enough is enough!!! It’s about time, as parents, we stand up and say no to awkward, snotty faced, sterile white background school photos.

It’s time that portraits of your children were championed with a prize place on the wall and for them to truly reflect your child’s cheekiness, shyness, mischievousness – or whatever their individual personality is…

You see, the last few years my daughter had her school photo, oh my, it wasn’t great. And that’s not because I’m a photographer, she just looks awkward and a little vacant behind the eyes! Yet I, like many other parents, feel compelled to buy these photos to mark each school year of our children’s lives to go with the other school photos from past years and the ones I’ll no doubt buy in the future.

It reminded me why I moved away from studio photography. It reminded me how it is unrealistic to expect children (or anyone for that matter) to relax in such an unnatural sterile environment.

It’s Time To Join The School Photograph Revolution And Let Your Children Run Free!

On Saturday 2nd July I will be holding some super-duper alternative school photo mini sessions at the King Charles School Summer Fayre to help raise money for the PTA.

I’ll be capturing portraits of your kids authentically, having fun outdoors in the school playground between 11.30am and 1.30pm. Each session will be 5 minutes and the children will be encouraged to play, be free and to be themself. Absolutely no being forced to sit on a stool and say cheese!

Best of all – unlike traditional school photos you can make sure there’s no snotty noses or sweaty hair AND you’ll get to choose a “wall worthy” portrait after the session.

Booking is essential.

50% of proceeds (after transaction fees) will go to the PTA.


£10 session fee includes 5 minutes shoot for one child plus one high resolution download.

The following high resolution packages will be available from your secure online viewing gallery after the shoot:

– One additional download £10

– Two additional downloads £15

– Three additional downloads £20

– Four additional downloads £25


1. Book a 5 minute slot for each child using the link below. Each child will need to book their own 5 minute slot. If you have siblings you can book their sessions back to back so we can get photos of them together.

2. Turn up to the pre-arranged meeting spot 5 minutes before your child’s session.

3. On Tuesday 5th July you will receive your child’s unique log in details to view the photos from the session and choose your included image. You will have the opportunity to order prints or further downloads should you wish to.